SenatorBills Sponsored by New Mexico State Senator Michael Wiener

January 1993 - January 1997

  • Reformed real estate licensing laws (SB-203)
  • Secured $850,000 to fund APD Foothills Substation (Lomas and Chelwood)
  • Sponsored the New Mexico Personal Protection Act
  • Passed a constitutional amendment raising the number of signatures required on a grand jury petition
  • Voting record - ranked fourth best of all 42 senators by Association of Commerce and Industry, a pro-business lobbying group

Prime sponsor of these motor vehicle-related and pro-law enforcement bills:


  • S-50: Special registration plates for legislators
  • S-275: Require proof of drivers license when applying for registration
  • S-276: Authorize MVD to cancel vehicle registrations when drivers license has been revoked
  • S-277: Outlaw license plate frames and covers
  • S-347: Provide notification of insurance companies online and suspension of registration
  • S-697: Increase penalties for injuring police animals
  • S-855: Establish a state transportation department


  • S-224: Increase penalties for impersonating a police officer
  • S-225: Provide DWI information to drivers license applicants
  • S-505: Concealed weapons act
  • S-512: Special registration plates
  • S-515: Northeast Heights police substation funding
  • SM-44: Prison facility study


  • S-198: Historic vehicle registration plates
  • S-199: Registration plate display
  • S-201: Wildlife registration plates
  • S-217: Firefighter registration plates
  • S-256: Collegiate registration plates
  • S-291: Disabled parking enforcement
  • S-461: Reduce fees for Children's Trust Fund plates
  • S-517: Farm vehicle registration
  • SJM-16: Enhanced drivers license system


  • S-64: New Mexico Personal Protection Act
  • S-77: Comprehensive revision of Motor Vehicle Code
  • S-644: Fund APD helicopter program
  • SJR-3: Constitutional amendment allowing concealed weapons


City CouncilA Strong Record of Actions and Accomplishments as an Albuquerque City Councillor

December 1, 1985 to November 30, 1989

  • Enacted free bulletproof vest program for all APD officers
  • Wrote the first laws to save the petroglyphs - West Mesa Volcanic Escarpment
  • Started the Albuquerque Office of Recycling
  • Initated a coalition of all nineteen "District 9" neighborhood associations—the first city council neighborhood coalition—held monthly meetings
  • Sponsored legislation to ensure that assets and forfeitures seized could be kept by the police to be used in the war on drugs
  • Initiated the APD helicopter program
  • Pioneered the roll-out trash container system to replace plastic bags—which has resulted in increased productivity and millions of dollars in savings from workers compensation alone
  • Strongly supported convention center expansion, botanical gardens, open space acquisitions and the ACVB
  • Authored legislation to automate Albuquerque's traffic and parking citations
  • Established a sister city relationship with Ashkabad, Turkmenistan
  • Had the old Western Skies Hotel condemned
  • Amended the Auto Emissions Inspection Ordinance to protect consumers by mandating that the price charged be posted outside each station
  • Wrote the Alarm System Registration Ordinance to stem the number of false alarms
  • Created a task force to study the problem of abandoned and inoperable vehicles and how best to get them removed
  • Worked with APD to set up police roadblocks to apprehend motorists operating vehicles without registration, insurance, or valid drivers licenses
  • Was instrumental in helping to bring the Miss USA Pageant to Albuquerque (February 17, 1987)
  • Co-sponsored the Clean Indoor Air Act

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