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The License Plate Information Center, publishers of license plate reference resources used by law enforcement and industry. (Under Construction)

ALPCA, the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association

Mexico Plates from Jim Moini

MLPCA, the Michigan License Plate Collectors Association (Under Construction), the license plate collector’s portal

NILPS, the Nevada International License Plate Society (Under Construction)

The Plateshack

Eric’s Sample License Plate Page (Under Construction) – Greg Tomes (Under Construction)

Database of American Counties by Scott Kaiser (Under Construction)

The Tag Doctor plate restoration

Mojo Art Works plate restoration

Plastic Sleeves
Learn about some of the earliest and most obscure automobile license plates ever used in the United States of America.

California DMV License Plate History

Colorado License Plate History

Connecticut Market Plate History

State of Delaware License Plate History

History of Florida License Plates

Idaho State Historical Society

History of the Illinois License Plate

Massachusetts RMV History

History of Nebraska Passenger Vehicle License Plates

History of the Texas License plate

State of Washington License Plate History